Why Do Parakeets Bite?

Why Do Parakeets Bite?

Why Do Parakeets Bite?

Why Do Parakeets Bite also have biting habits like all other species of parrots? They may go to bite when they feel frustrated, bored, afraid, anxious, protective, and threatened. This is undesirable behaviour shown by the parakeet. Their biting process is not too dangerous, even if it breaks the skin. It is a small-sized bird and also has a small-sized beak. But their sharp pinch is feeling like a shock that comes suddenly. Sometimes, they will also become aggressive and start to bite each other and other people for food and to protect their mates.

Why Do Parakeets Bite?
Why Do Parakeets Bite?

Several reasons behind the biting of parakeets:

Here we clarify some following reasons for biting of parakeets:


Parakeets may show the behaviour of biting when they feel threatened or scared by other pets and new people. They are also threatened when they move into a new environment and between unknown people. Sometimes, loud noises or sudden movement of their cages from one place to another can also cause the biting behaviour.


Parakeets are active and intelligent parrot species and may also physically interact with other birds or people. They also like to move freely and have social interactions. They become bored when they cannot get these essentials and may bite other pets and their owners.


Healthy and comfortable parakeets never go to bite you. They may bite you and your pets when they get injured or ill. Therefore, checking up on your parakeets regularly and protecting them from any injury and illness is necessary.

Breeding season:

During the mating, parakeets may become aggressive. If someone tries to intrude into their cages, they may go to bite you to protect their cells or mates. They also remain active during this period and protect any entrance to their cages.

Lack of attention:

Parakeets are very intelligent and want regular interaction with humans. Suppose they cannot enjoy the company of people and remain lonely. They may start biting when someone goes to interact with them. So, it would be best to have proper socialization interaction with your parakeet to build trust.

Change of hormones:

Parakeets also become aggressive and sometimes may go to biting during the hormonal changes. This ia also a best answer for a question Why Do Parakeets Bite. When they get puberty or under the cycle of reproduction, their mode is off occasionally, which may lead to biting or other uncomfortable behaviour.

 Protective their territorial: 

Parakeets are very aggressive about their territory. If someone tries to enter into their cages or perches, they get angry and bite. So, it is necessary to remind you never to come near their cells, especially on mating days.

Avoid any fabric for training:

Parakeets are susceptible birds. It would help if you did not have anything for training that is uncomfortable for your bird. They do not like the fabric thing on their skin. If you are wearing a fabric like gloves during training of your parakeet, it may be a chance to start biting you. So, it is necessary to avoid any uncomfortable things during training.

Avoid too much interaction:

Parakeets are intelligent birds and like to interact with humans. But, there is a limit to interaction or handling of them. If you spend much of your time with pet birds, they might start to bite you. This sign shows that he must be tired and desire to recover his mental health.


Why Do Parakeets Bite, Parakeets may get ill when they spend a long time stressed. It is caused by lack of sleep or other uncomfortable things. They required a proper rest of about 12 hours in darkness. If they get any disturbance while sleeping, they might become aggressive and bite other birds near them.

Bite as a fun:

Parakeets are social birds and like to live in the flock. Therefore, they do not hesitate while playing with you. They also like the company of the owner. Sometimes, they start to bite you during the playing. But, if they continue grinding for a long time, you realize it maintains an unwanted habit.

How can you stop biting off your parakeets?

Here, we explain some necessary steps to help you stop your parakeet’s bite. These steps may help you solve this problem. These are the following steps:

1.Improve the interaction:

Why Do Parakeets Bite, Parakeets are very intelligent and have a rich connection with their owner. Sometimes, you may get busy and not interact with your pet. Then, it feels lonely and may start biting. If you want to stop biting your pets, you need to spend proper time with them. This will help you build trust between your parakeets and you.

2.Reduce the fear:

Parakeets may feel feared or threatened when they move to a new environment people and face unique experiences. In fear, they might start biting people and other pets. So, it would be best to introduce them to the new environment properly to decrease their conditions of fear.

3.Preventing the boredom:

Parakeets are intelligent birds and like to be mentally and physically stimulated to keep them active. They may start biting in dull conditions when they cannot get the required conditions. You need to provide some perches, toys and other things that mentally and physically stimulate your pets. This might be helpful to engage your parakeets and prevent them from boredom.

4.Provide comfortable environment:

Parakeets are flying birds and like to fly in open space environments. Suppose you keep them in tiny cages that never allow them to fly or stretch easily. Then, they feel irritation and start to bite you.

You need to provide them with perches outside or comfortable places in your home if you want to stop this behaviour of your parakeet. It is comfortable to keep them calm.

5.Keep yourself peaceful:

You should need to keep yourself quiet when you are biting your pet. They are intelligent and may notice your reaction when you get your hand from the cage after biting. They will be entertained and continue this behaviour of bite. It is rare to see that its tastes burst your skin and hurt you.

6.Consistency in training:

Parakeets are intelligent and also like mental and physical relaxation. They also start to bite to get attention or test boundaries. You need to give them training regularly. Otherwise, once they learn biting may get a reaction from the owner, they continue this behaviour.

7.Hired veterinarian:

A veterinarian is necessarily hired to check your parakeets’ health regularly. They might be responsible for finding any signs of illness. Sometimes, parakeets become aggressive in case of disease or any injury and start biting the owner and other birds nearby.

8.Feed healthy diet:

You must provide your parakeets with a healthy diet that makes them healthy and energetic. This kind of diet is necessary for your pets. They are intelligent and require healthy diets to keep themselves active.

9.Accommodate a new bird:

Parakeets are social birds and like to live in group form. If you do not have enough time to spend with your pet, they remain alone. They feel fear or threatened during this period. Sometimes, they may get bitten. To solve this problem, you need to introduce a new bird into your parakeet cage. This will help you keep your pets busy and stop the biting behaviour.

What happens if a parakeet bites you?

Parakeets have small-sized beaks. Their bites are not enough to hurt you or tear your skin. It is just a surprise for you. Sometimes, they bite for a reason but only for fun. Remember some ideas as your parakeet bites you and solve the issue of Why Do Parakeets Bite.

You should need to follow some steps to keep your pets calm:

  • Control your reaction before and after biting.
  • If it hurts you, keep yourself quiet and don’t show any reaction that causes fear for your pet.
  • Sometimes, you feel it is moving toward your skin to bite, so keep yourself calm.
  • Slightly move your hand down.
  • It is helpful to keep your skin away from your pet.
  • Parakeets are also not focused on downward moving hands.
  • Use a perch to pick up your parakeet as it stops biting.
  • Try to keep your pet calm.
  • Try again to bond with your pet after some time.

Is it bad if your parakeet bites you?

No, it is not a bad sign if your parakeet bites you. You should need to remain calm if it bites you on your skin. They are unable to break the skin as they chew. It has a sized beak. You keep your cool and cover the cage of your pet.

How do you cool an aggressive parakeet?

There are many reasons, such as food, environment, and other uncomfortable things, behind the aggressive behavior of the parakeet. You should need to keep it in a separate cage for some time. After a time, he can calm down from aggressive behavior. You also cover the cage of your parakeet at night.

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