What is a Group of Turkeys Called? Flock, Gaggle & More

What is a Group of Turkeys Called? Flock, Gaggle, Gange, Posse or Mob

What is a Group of Turkeys Called? Almost all the birds on the planet live in group form except a few. Turkeys also like to habitat in group forms known by various names. The names of groups also depend upon their habitat behaviour and age differences. A group of turkeys is called a flock as they live in a wild environment, while a group of turkeys is also known as a rafter when they stay in domestic conditions. They are also referred to by names such as gaggle, run of turkeys, gang, posse, mob and many others.

What is a Group of Turkeys Called? Flock, Gaggle, Gange, Posse or Mob
What is a Group of Turkeys Called? Flock, Gaggle, Gange, Posse or Mob

Turkeys are very intelligent, as they can remember the faces of their owners and other humans. These birds are also curious, jolly and social, as they can bond strongly with humans. Therefore, they love to live in groups.

Why a Group of Turkeys is called a Flock?

The gathering of turkeys has different names according to their specific environment and age difference. A group of turkeys is called a flock, as they live in a wild environment. The wild turkeys are also known as run of turkeys. The wild males and females also have different group names. A group of male wild turkeys is called a posse, while a group of female wild turkeys is known as a poult.

When do turkeys flock together?

Most of the time in a year, turkeys will stay in the form of large flocks according to their gender. They start to change into small communities only in mating season. Their mating season occurs during March and April. They begin to make small mating flocks of males and different females. These birds also have strong social bonds with humans.

Moreover, the male turkeys also remain with their families and behave loyal to one another. The male and female turkeys also start to make the flock again as autumn and winter come. As they can produce warm conditions to protect them from winter. Most of the turkeys completed the process of flocking before settling down into their roosts for the winter.

How many turkeys are in a flock?

The time of making a flock is a critical point that affects the size of a community. Usually, it keeps some 15 to 50 birds, but it mainly depends on the time of year. But at the breeding season, male and female flocks start together, and typically, the number of birds increases from 100 to 200.

The turkeys start again to split into breeding groups after some time of the breeding season. They begin to spend much of their time alone. Females will stay in nests to brood their chicks. As autumn and winter approach, they again start to flock together.

Why a Group of Turkeys is called a Rafter? 

A group of domesticated turkeys is called rafters, as they are mainly found in the rafters of buildings. The people used these rafters to support the roof. These structures provide excellent protection during brutal weather and uncomfortable conditions. Therefore, we refer to a group of turkeys as a rafter.

Different names, such as gaggle and gobble, also refer to groups of turkeys. They call a group of turkeys a gaggle because of their noisy sound behaviour. So, a group of Turkeys and other birds have the same boisterous behaviour, also known as a gaggle. They are often known as gobble due to the same reason.

Why a Group of Turkeys is called a gaggle?

A group of turkeys is called gaggle as they make gobbling or gaggling-type noisy sounds. Many other birds come into this category due to their boisterous behaviour. A true example is a goose bird, which produces a loud sound like a gobbling or gaggling sound.

Turkeys can produce a variety of sounds similar to gaggling and gobbling calls. Almost all the subspecies of turkeys call these similar sounds around 28 different sounds. The male turkeys are also able to produce a gurgling sound. That is why we refer to a group of turkeys as a gaggle.

What do we call a pair of turkeys?

Turkeys are birds that have different names according to their ages. Thus, there is no specific name for a pair of turkeys. So, male turkeys are known by names like Toms, Jakes and Gobblers. Some particular words like hens and Jennies also know female turkeys.

What are some other names of the group of turkeys?

There are some other famous names of groups of turkeys. These names include:

  • Gang of turkeys
  • The posse of wild turkeys
  • Muster of turkeys
  • Raffle of turkeys
  • Bachelor of wild male turkeys
  • Run of wild turkeys
  • Brood of turkeys
  • Herd of turkeys
  • Dole of turkeys
  • Dule of turkeys
  • Raft of turkeys

These specific names of groups of turkeys are referred to according to the occasion. Therefore, the name death row of turkeys is used when turkeys are eaten on different popular occasions like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

The other groups of turkeys are also called bachelors when they start their mating process when male turkeys come close to the female.

What is a group of baby turkeys called?

There is no specific name referring to a group of baby turkeys. But, it is known as poults. There are about 15 birds in a group. Female turkeys are very attentive and careful about their young. It remains quiet during the brooding. But, still, she keeps herself along the flock with other hens.

How do turkeys save themselves from danger?

Turkeys are brilliant birds and remain active to face danger at any time. They have a specific sound that helps them to alert in danger. They cry a particular sound to an entire group of turkeys whenever they feel danger around themselves. Thus, they fly from that place to escape dangerous predators in no time.

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