How to protect your dogs from owls?

How to protect your dogs from owls?

How to protect your dogs from owls? Owl attacks can occur fast and are difficult to stop easily. It is necessary to avail all the methods to protect your pets if you live in an area that is heavily populated by owls. Here are some easy ways to make your property owl-proof.

How to protect your dogs from owls?
How to protect your dogs from owls?

How to protect your dogs from owls?

Some important points you should keep in mind are given below:

1. Cover your outside pens with wire

It is the best way to protect your dogs from common predators like coyotes and bobcats and others. To enclose your backyard area is not enough to protect your dogs from owls and other birds. They can still swoop in to attack your dogs.

Therefore, you need to cover the outsides with wire or a roof to keep your dogs safe from hungry raptors. This helps you to protect your pets properly.

2. Supervise your dogs

Never leave your dog outside without your supervision. A small dog is at risk of becoming an owl, ‘s dinner when he left to roam a big in an open yard. Where territorial owls won’t hesitate to attack on a dog that comes too close to its nest. But, it will think twice before attacking, when the dog comes with a human.

Therefore, you let your dogs out to play or potty, you need to stay close to your dogs.

3. Keep your dog inside at night

Most of the owls are nocturnal. They mostly hunt at night and remain inactive during the day. Usually, their hunting starts in the late evening. So, you bring your dogs inside an hour before sundown. This is a great way to protect your dog from being attacked by an owl.

4. Remove bird feeders from your garden

Owls are known as natural predators as they prey on small birds like sparrows and also eat large birds like osprey. These feeders are big reason behind owls come to your yard. These bird feeders attract many small birds to your yard. Where owls come to attack them. If you want to protect your pets from attack from owls you need to remove these bird feeders from your garden or yard. Remove bird feeders are helpful to reduce the chances of owls coming into your yard.

5. Install porch lights on at night

Owls are nocturnal birds in nature as they hunt at night. They have great eyesight and an excellent sense of hearing that helps them to hunt in the dark. An owl will avoid to coming your yard or property if you light up your garden at night. Turning your porch light on overnight is a simple way to protect your dogs.

6. Use some music

A loud sound is helpful to distort the sense of hearing of an owl. Therefore, owls dislike any kind of loud sound. You need to turn on your radio or other music when your dog is outside. Music like heavy metal or bass-heavy rap is better to repel the owls than any classical tunes. But you also keep in mind that the sound of your music disturbs your music.

7. Wearing protective gear to your dogs

There are several products available on the market that will protect your dog from bird and wild animal attacks. This will help you to keep your dogs safe by dressing them.  Protective armor is apparel that prevents injury during animal attacks. It is like a Raptor Shield and Coyote Vest that keep them safe from predators. It is lightweight armor that can not restrict the movement of your dogs. They can run and play as usual as they do. It is used to protect your dog’s neck and back. It is made up of materials like bulletproof glasses and can withstand a bird, ‘s talon.

8. Use a decoy owl

It is also an excellent way to keep away owls from your pets at your home. It also helps you to get rid of other predatory birds from your home. They work the same as scarecrows do. An owl does not want to hunt in the same area. While other small birds will stay away as they think it is a predator.

9. Decorate your backyard

Owls always want a comfortable place to setting. They do not like the constant motion. You need to decorate your backyard with all moving parts like waterfalls, wind chimes and whirligigs that help you to keep owls and other predatory birds away. In this way, you can distort their attention.

10. Appetite for them

When we put food outside for little pets would also attract the other birds. The smell of food is enough to invite them. Therefore, we should feed the pets inside the house so predators will not come in this way to your pets.

You should need to keep the food for the birds on the roof of your home. In this way, you can keep away from the pets. You can also pick up any piece of fruit from the ground if there is a fruit tree near your home.  It is an important factor to get the attention of predators.

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