How much are Talking Parrots, cost, and life span?

How much are Talking Parrots, cost, and life span?

How much are Talking Parrots parrots that can mimic the speech of humans? There is also discussion with the scientific community over whether some talking parrots also have some cognitive understanding of the language.

They are amazing little creatures that have a lot of personality and affection to give. Some species have excellent ability to learn and mimic human speech and non-speech noises. They do this to get the attention of their owners or fellow parrots.

Not all parrots have abilities to talk because the speaking potential of a parrot depends on the species. Only those parrots can talk about belonging to a particular species.

How much are Talking Parrots, cost, and life span?
How much are Talking Parrots, cost, and life span?

How much are Talking Parrots parrots?

Some parrots can talk and mimic human words and speech. Some other parrots can talk but these have an extensive vocabulary. There are some talking parrots are following:

  • Amazon Parrots
  • African Greys
  • Macaws
  • Eclectus
  • Cockatoos
  • Quaker Parakeet
  • Budgies
  • Derbyan Parakeet
  • Derbyan Parakeet
  • Hawk –headed Parrot

1. Amazon Parrots:

Amazons are known as the best-talking parrots among all the parrots in the world. They are active, commanding, and hardy birds. Amazons have some species that are moderately good talkers and whistlers but some of them are especially good at speaking phrases. They can speak speech more clearly than African grey parrots.

A yellow-napped Amazon happens to be the best chatterer among all Amazon talking parrots. They are always remaining aggressive towards others. They like to bite everything and everyone but some owners of Amazons say that their birds do not bite them. They are capable of becoming trained birds.


They can live up to 30-50 years. They originated from the Americas and expanded to Mexico and the Caribbean. Amazon parrots can mimic human speech making them preferred to others.

How much Do Amazon parrots Cost?

Amazons are medium-sized parrots. They will cost you around $1500. Some rare sub-species can cost up to $3000. While some common ones will cost you about $1000.

2. African Greys Parrots:

African Greys are the most intelligent and talking parrots as proven by several researches. They can speak 500 words easily and also speak up to 1000 words with extensive training.

Two types of African greys are the best talkers parrots in the parrot world named Congo and the Timneh. These both are good talkers. The Congo is a larger and popular species while Timneh is an underrated and smaller one.

They are medium-sized parrots that originate from Equatorial Africa (Gabon, Angola, Cameroon, the Congo, Kenya, and Uganda). They can be recognized by their red tail feathers and white circles around the eyes.


African Greys can live up to 40-60 years in captivity while less in the wild environments (around 23 years).

How Much Do African Greys Cost?

An African Grey parrot will cost you around $1500 to $3500. The Congo African Greys are more easily available in the pet industry than the Timneh Greys and therefore they are cheaper. But, they require more money spent on other necessities as compared to the Timneh African Greys.

3. Macaw Parrots:

The Macaw family is composed of 19 different species. There are some of the larger parrots while some of the small species. The larger parrots are known for their bright, colorful feathers, larger beaks, and very long tail feathers. They are mostly originated from central to South America.


They can live between 35 years (for smaller Macaws) and up to 75 years (for larger Macaws). They are an intelligent, energetic, sociable, playful, extremely loud species. They are also destructive and not for every type of species.

Macaws have a moderate talking ability and a clear loud voice. They are very hard to discipline. They are known as perfect family pets.

How Much Does A Macaw Parrot Cost?

Macaws are large parrots, therefore their prices are higher as compared to other species. Their cost must depend on the species, size, color, and more importantly rarity. You will need to pay between $1000 and $18000 for a Macaw alone. If you want to buy a rare larger one, the price is expected to be much higher.

4. Eclectus Parrots:

Eclectus Parrots are medium-sized and are known as good talkers. They originate from the areas of northeastern Australia, Sumba, Solomon Islands, and New Guinea. This is the only species of parrots that have a large difference between male and female plumage.

Males Eclectus parrots have bright green feathers while females have bright red and purple plumage. They are completely different from other types of parrots displaying the most pronounced sexual dimorphism. There males are more obedient than females. Eclectus parrots are less active and cheerful.

How Much Is an Eclectus Parrot?

The price of an Eclectus parrot is different for different species. It depends on the different factors such as colors and rareness of species. You will cost between $1000 and $3000.

5. Cockatoos:

The Cockatoo family must contain 21 species that are mainly identified by their prominent head crests and curved beaks. Their body mainly contains black, white, or grey as the main color feathers on the chest. They are not as colorful as other species. They are larger than other parrots.

Cockatoos mainly originate from the regions of New Guinea, Indonesia, Australia, and the Solomon Islands. They are known as intelligent and extraordinary talkers. They are really noisy and always ready to give rebuff. Cockatoos are also known as” escape birds”, as they can escape from their cages easily. They are not an easy task to keep these parrots as pets as their needs are difficult to meet. Smaller species are known as best to keep as pets like Cockatiel.

These birds enjoy physical contact and like to live close to their owners and other companion birds. Therefore, owners need to have experience of owning different birds as pets.

How Much Does Cockatoo Cost? 

The price of a Cockatoo depends on the species and where you get it. The price range is usually between $500 and $1200. In the case of other rare species, you can cost anywhere between $1000 and $3000. The other important factors that affect the price of birds are the colors of the bird and the species. You can also determine the price of any bird at its rarity.

6. Quaker Parrots:

Quaker Parrots belong to the Parakeet family of species. They have a medium size, long tail feathers, and a slender build. They are smaller in size than other Parakeets. They are bright green-colored birds having grey breasts and grey-yellowish abdomens. They originate from the surrounding regions of South America and Argentina.

Quaker Parrots are the most intelligent, confident, funny, and feisty birds. They are famous as a favorite by a lot of bird owners due to their exceptional characteristics. They can use phrases in their speech, develop speech, and also build a vocabulary. Quaker parrots have started to overtake small birds like Cockatiels as pets due to their fast speech abilities.


They can live between an average of 20 to 30 years. They are good entertaining pet birds.

How Much Does a Quaker Parrot Cost?

The price of a Quaker parrot depends on the popularity of the breeder and the way the bird was raised. Approximately, you will cost from $250 to $550 for a Quaker Parrot. Their prices might increase due to their exceptional characteristics.

Quaker parrots are in high demand by people because of their sociability, confidence, and intelligence.

7. Budgerigars Parrots:

Budgerigar parrots, usually nicknamed Budgies. They are small-sized and long-tailed species of parakeets. They are naturally green and yellow with some black markings on the neck, back, and wings. They are mainly found in the regions of the USA. The only difference between males and females is their beaks.

Budgies have a world record for the largest vocabulary for a bird ever. A Budgerigar named Oskar has the record for the largest vocabulary as a bird who can speak 148 words. They are small interactive, enjoyable, and lively birds that can talk and develop excellent vocabularies. Budgies can learn a large number of words and song phrases easily.


The lifespan of these budgerigars parrots is between 10 to 18 years. A budgerigar can live up to 18 years if we care very well.

How much Do Budgerigars Parrots Cost?

The price of Budgie depends on the species and way from the bird purchased. The price you will pay for a Budgie is from $10 to $35 or higher.

8. Ring-Necked Parakeet:

Ring-necked parrots are also known as the Indian ring–necked. These are famous as the best-talking parrots in the world. They can speak 100 words easily in a fluent way. Ring-necked parrots are hardy and intelligent parrots.

They are active but not as much as cockatoos or amazons. They are a common type of parrot and, therefore less expensive and easily available. They can develop an excellent vocabulary of 100 to 130 words. They are known as one of the best species.


The lifespan of ring-necked parrots is 30 years.

9. Derbyan Parakeet:

Derbyan Parakeet is also known as Lord Derby’s parakeet. They are double the size of ring-necked parakeets and nearly the same size as Alexandrine parakeets. They are also best-talking parrots.

The main difference between males and females is their beaks. Males have reddish-orange while females have black color beaks. They need a lot of socialization and interaction from the owners. They are noisy and hard to train but the biting potential is not too much. They are lively birds in nature. They can develop a vocabulary of 20 to 40 words.


The lifespan of Derbyan Parakeet is range between 20-30 years.

10. Hawk-headed Parrot:

Hawk–headed parrots are also known as Red-fan parrots. They are affectionate, active, cuddly, and playful birds. They have low to moderate potential for talking. They are also attractive, unique, and lively birds.

Hawk–headed parrots like to interact with their owners. Their voice is soft and whisper-like when they speak. Some of the individuals of this species only speak. They can develop a vocabulary of 10 words.


The lifespan of Hawk-headed parrots is 30-35 years.

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