Darwin’s Rhea Heaviest Bird in The World

Darwin’s Rhea Heaviest Bird in The World

Darwin’s Rhea Heaviest Bird in The World is also known as the Lesser Rhea. It is the heaviest and most flightless bird including groups of ostrich and ratites. The weight of this bird is between 15 to 25 kg. It has a height of 35-39 inches and 36-39 inches has length. This bird is the smaller of the two extant species of rheas.

Darwin’s Rhea Heaviest Bird in The World
Darwin’s Rhea Heaviest Bird in The World

What does Darwin’s rhea look like?

Darwin’s rhea is a large and terrestrial bird that has brown or grey color feathers. The plumage of his body was also spotted with brown and white colors. Where the female is duller in color and also with white spots on the back. It has larger wings than any other member of this group. It can move with a speed of 60 km/h and help them to reach away from the predators. They do not have any feathers on their tails. It has a long and slender neck and a small head. The legs of this bird are also very strong and long and allow him to run fast.

Darwin’s rhea has feet with three large clawed toes, where the middle toes are larger than the other two. It has larger eyes like an ostrich.

Where does Darwin’s Rhea live?

Darwin’s rheas are found mostly in South America, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Patagonia, and Peru. They mainly prefer to live in open areas, open scrub grasslands, and steppe areas that extend over the eastern slope of the major mountain system of South America. They are also found in brushlands and, marshes places.

The other nominate subspecies of this bird prefer to live at the height of 4900 feet, whereas some others like to live at elevations of 3000 to 45000 meters. In the South, they can be found at a height of 4800 feet. During the breeding season, they choose the rivers, lakes, and swamp places to live. They live in groups of 5-30 members in the form of a flock.

What do Darwin’s rheas eat?

Darwin’s rheas are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and animals in their diet. They are also known as opportunistic birds; they eat whatever is available on the spot. They can move and graze all around.

In Plants diet

Darwin’s rhea eats various types of plant materials in their diet. They like to eat roots, seeds, fruits, and other various varieties of plant species. They also wander to eat herbaceous plants as their food. Plants leaves and small bushes are also involved in the diet of these birds.

In Animals diet

Darwin’s rhea also found animals in their diet other than plants. They like to eat small animals such as rodents, snakes, lizards, birds, frogs, and others. They also eat insects and other vertebrates in their diets. Sometimes, they are found to eating dead fish. The male Darwin’s rhea also eats small groups of flies that get by rotting eggs present out of their nest.

Other diets of Darwin’s rhea

Darwin’s rhea was also found to eat small pieces of stones in their diet like other birds. They eat them because it helps them in ingesting their food. Some species of these birds are known as coprophagic, as they are eating their faces or sometimes other animals. Many other animals are also found to eat their faces or other member of their species.

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