How can you keep your cat safe from owls?

How can you keep your cat safe from owls?

How can you keep your cat safe from owls? You need to know how you keep your cat safe from the attack of owls if you live in location where a large population of owls is found. You may also remember that killing an owl is an illegal act in some areas, if you do not like an owl. You can be fined in the form of criminal charges, probation, court-ordered fines, and other community service. Therefore, you need to follow given preventive measures to avoid unwanted attacks.

How can you keep your cat safe from owls?
How can you keep your cat safe from owls? by google

1. Keep your cat inside at night

Owls are nocturnal birds in nature means they are most active at night. They mainly start their hunting in the late evening. So, you need to keep your cats inside at night. Bring your cats inside an hour before sundown. Don’t allow them out without any supervision.

2. Install porch lights at night

Owls like to hunt their prey in the dark. They have great eyesight and a sense of hearing that helps them to hunt their prey easily. An owl will avoid coming near your property and pets if you set up a porch light in your yard at night. You need to simply turn your porch lights on at night to make local owls feel unwelcome.

3. Decorate your backyard

If you want to keep owls away from your pets, you may decorate your backyard with all moving parts. These moving parts include waterfalls, whirligigs, and wind chimes that do not an owl to the setting. As owls always dislike constant motion. Motion–detecting sprinklers is also another important method but this is a much more expensive option.

4. Use some music

Owls also dislike any loud sounds. Any kind of loud sound is likely to distort their sense of hearing. You may turn on a radio or music when your cat is outside to deter an owl. Heavy metal or bass-heavy rap is the best type of sound to deter an owl as compared to other classical tunes.

5. Wildlife service

If you live in a location where a large population of owls resides. You may try to call the local wildlife service. They provide you with important information about their breed and hunting habits.

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